McAuley Community Association

McAuley Community Association (MCA) is a community organization representing the McAuley Rink, McAuley Sports Grounds and Campground and McAuley Church Building. 

As of June 2016 the MCA was revamped and was amalgamated with the Archie Community Development Board. A representative from the Manson Rink also now sits on the board. 

The newly amalgamated McAuley Community Association's mandate is to provide recreation to the community as well as to foster economic development, preserve and enhance neighborhoods, quality of life and environment, and to promote equity and opportunity in the municipality.

We are still in the process of renovating the old curling rink side of the building into our new community hall. This will be a great venue for any social events in the community including weddings, socials, funerals, etc. Stay tuned for a grand opening event announcement! 

McAuley Rink Events Calendar: