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  • Jeffery School Cairn
    Location: NE 22-13-28
    Erected on the site of Jeffery School No. 1608
    Dedicated to those whose lives it touched
  • Location:  NE 8-13-29
    Site of Archie School Division No 744
    Erected July 1983
    This cairn is dedicated to our pioneers and all those contributed to life in Archie District
  • West Street, Village of Manson
    1917-1968 MCS
    Manson Consolidated S.D. No. 841
    NW 27-13-29 Est. Feb 1917
    Formed from Pleasant View S.D. No. 841
    NE 5-14-29 Est. 1898
    School District dissolved December 1968.
    This cairn is dedicated to our pioneers and all who contributed to the life of the Manson Community.  May they long be remembered Commemoration Service July 9th, 1983
  • Willen Cairn
    Location:  NW 2-14-28
    Located at the town site beside tracks
  • SE 24-14-29
    Hill's Green School Division No. 856
    This cairn is dedicated with gratitude in memory of the pioneers, teachers and pupils who worked so hard to improve the quality of this community that they and future generations might have a better place to live.  May their efforts be remembered by all through the preservation of this tribute.
    Dedicated July 1983.   This being the original site SE 24-14-29 WI
  • Location:  Qu'Appelle Street. Located at the Sports Grounds in town of McAuley.
    We commemorate the pioneers of the McAuley District.  They were the builders of our future.   The first settlers arrived in  1882 and traveled or walked the Old Fort Ellice Trail to Moosomin, Saskatchewan or Birtle, Manitoba, for provisions.  District schools were Cherry Grove, DeClare and Parkland
    In 1902 the Canadian Pacific Railroad was laid and the Townsite was established. 
    Presbyterian Church 1904. 
    First Rutherglen School 1906.
    We honor the veterans and remember those who gave their lives in World Wars I and II.
    Dedicated July 17, 1970 in our Centennial Year.
    Erected by the citizens of McAuley District.
  • School grounds in McAuley
    Location:  144 Highway #41
    Rutherglen Consolidated School #1297
    This cairn is dedicated to the pioneers who formed the Rutherglen Consolidated School District No 1297 and to the teachers and pupils.   Included were the rural schools of Parkland 1915; Cherry Grove 1954 and DeClare 1957.
    Dedicated in 1989
  • Archie War Memorial
    Location:  202 Qu'Appelle Street, McAuley, MB
    Dedicated to those that served and those that fell that Freedom Might be Ours.
Edgar McAuley
Wallace McNally
Bernard Cayme
Thomas Selby
A. A. Wortley
George Brennand
Raymond L. Clearwater
George Edward Climo
Leslie Dickinson
Clifford Eckberg
Frank Maxwell Foord
Clifford Flynn
Leonard Johnson
Alfred Johnson
Ralph Rees
  Their names liveth forever

  • Cherry Grove School Division No. 768
    Location:  SE 29-14-29
    Gerry Grove people erected this Cairn in 1983 to help commemorate Archie Centennial.   The district was formed in 1983.  School was held first in the log house of John McAuley Sr.  NE 4-15-29.   In 1904, it was moved to SW 33 14 -29 and then move to this location SE 29-14-29 in 1908 and used until 1954.  During that period 49 teachers taught and there were 4 secretary treasurers
    This cairn is dedicated to the pioneers and their families who worked hard to form this new district.  To the teachers and pupils who attended this school and to all who in any way contributed to building a better community.  May their efforts be long remembered.
  • Location:  NE 4-15-28, Site of DeClare School No. 353.
    Dedicated by former and present residents of Declare District
  • Location:  RM of Archie Office, 202 Qu'Appelle Street, McAuley, MB
    1983 Centennial Award
    This plaque is presented to the RM of Archie to recognize 100 years of dedicated citizen participation in local government and community service.  Hon. Howard R. Pawley, Min. of Municipal Affairs.
     ReeveMr. Aimé J. Hudon
     CouncillorsMr. Robert B. Peters
    Mr. Terrance L. Johnson
    Mr. Lloyd G. Jacobs
    Mr. Owen J. McAuley
    Mr. Huntley L. Lewis
    Mr. Charles U. Lowes
  • Location:  NW 21-15-29
    This cairn is dedicated to the memory of the Pioneers of Parkland School District No. 1036
    Site of school was ¼ mile south of this cairn