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Mc Auley Fire Department

McAuley Fire & Rescue

McAuley Fire Department serves the Village's of McAuley and Manson along with 6 townships in Ward 3 of the RM of Ellice - Archie. The McAuley Fire department is made up of dedicated  volunteer members, who are always training and honing their skills in order to protect the ratepayers of Ellice - Archie to the best of their abilities.

The Fire Chief is Charles Barkley and the Deputy Chief is Scott Webb. 

Volunteer members:

  • Kevin Carefoot
  • Brady Istace
  • Blake Kennedy
  • Ryan Byers
  • Joel Lewis
  • Allan Webb
  • Malorie Caesar
  • Darren Pethick
  • Luke Prynne
  • Doug Judd
  • Mike Schoonbart 

Communications: Darlene Barkley